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A different approach…

The essentials of a day-care centre with an additionnal advantage, the personal experience of a parent

« Valentins & Valentines » came about because its creator, a parent herself, wanted to put her experience of putting her child in a day-care centre to good use.
The experience made her want to create a creche that would combine the core values of childcare with several special key ideas she wanted to introduce. And so was born « Valentins & Valentines ».

A reliable, reassuring , family focused creche with an innovative twist:

  • This creche provides a welcoming French/English bilingual environment for all children, wathever their mother tongue.
    Exposure to English language stimulates the development of French-speaking children and build their ability to cope with this language in the future.
    Children issued from English-speaking families will benefit from a very confortable environment in their native language while becoming accustomed to French,
  • « Valentins and Valentines » is involved in the international foundation “Roots and Shoots” program and contributes to its work towards encouraging cultural diversity and respect for the environment,
  • the  creche is particularly focused on the quality of the communication between parents and the team so as to provide parents with the  peace of mind they deserve.
    For English-speaking parents, the possibility of talking to bilingual professionals about their child in their mother tongue  is a major advantage.