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The core values

“Valentins and Valentines”: the core values of a day-care centre

Like any day-care centre, « Valentins & Valentines » provides the very best conditions for you to organise care for your child, including reliability, quality and affordability.

Reliability and respect for the child

  • The creche , a collective structure, is the safest form of childcare and the most reliable,
  • Supervised by earl childhood professionals, it provides a secure environment where children can blossom and socialise,
  • It pays close attention to the child’s own rythms and allows them to discover independence at their own pace.

Compliance with regulations

  • Like any day-care centre, « Valentins & Valentines » complies with the strict regulations laid down by the French Maternal and Child Welfare Department “PMI” in terms of hygiene and safety , the team’s professional qualifications and the quality of the premises,
  • It can therefore guarantee that your child will be looked after in the  best possible conditions.

The least expensive form of childcare

  • The fee  apllied  to families is calculated according to a scale determined by the “Caisses d’Allocation familiales” (CAF- family allowance fund)* as any municipal creche would do,
  • This scale takes into account the amount of revenue and the number of children in the family and calculate the hourly rate accordingly.
    You can simulate your rate on the CAF Website.
  • As such, a creche is the least expensive form of child care.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

*This is available for families affiliated with the French “CAF”. Please contact us if this does not apply to you.