Educational project
The citizen deed


The “Roots and Shoots” program was created in 1991 by the “Messenger of Peace”, the British anthropologist Jane Goodall, also the founder of the “Jane Goodall Institute”.

This program encourages activities that are simple but meaningful to help respect human diversity and the environment.

The goal of the nursery is to encourage this process.

The staff members and the parents who wish to do so, will contribute to an environment that will carry valuable information to our children’s future.

As an example, the programs that are planned in our nurseries are:

  • The implementation of activities aiming at developing the children’s awareness of nature: vegetable garden maintenance, nature outings around the nursery, activities of sensory discovery of natural products in season,…
  • A specific highlight on a ” recovering ” and ” home-made ” process for detergent, toys, art supports and decoration items,… The ” no toy ” day organized regularly to allow children to play with everyday objects is one of the examples of this process!
  • The organization of ” inter-generational ” meetings through the collaboration of our nurseries with the association ” Lire et Faire Lire “, offering volunteer retired people the opportunity to teach children the importance of reading and handling books;

All these programs are opportunities for nursery & parents to cooperate on a valuable common goal.