Respecting the basics

Like any other nursery, “Valentins & Valentines” allows you to organize your childcare in the best conditions of reliability, quality and cost.

The reliability and respect for the child

  • The nursery is a collective facility that is safe and the least vulnerable to unforeseen events,
  • There is a very secure context for the children’s development and integration because they are supervised by early childhood professionals,
  • We aim to respect the rhythms of all the children to allow them to find the best conditions for their autonomy.

The cheapest type of childcare

  • The nursery applies the Caisse d’Allocation Familial (CAF) pricing system, which is identical to the public nurseries,
  • This scale is same in all of France, it sets the hourly rate of each family according to their level of income and the number of children in the household. Each family can calculate the rate that would apply to them by using the simulator available on the CAF website..

Compliance with regulations

  • Like all nurseries, ” Valentins et Valentines ” is subject to the strict regulations of the Protection Maternelle et Infantile (PMI), the supervisory authority for all establishments for young children,
  • These regulations set out the rules that apply in terms of health and safety, the qualification of the nursery team and the layout of the premises,
  • It guarantees the optimal quality of the childcare conditions.