Our childcare arrangments

We propose different types of childcare arrangements:

Regular childcare

This type of care consists of a fixed day schedule that is identical every week.

The weekly schedule is booked for the entire duration of the family’s contract.

This type of care can be full time (5 days a week) or part time.

Occasional childcare

This type of care does not have a predefined schedule.

The child is welcomed depending on the family’s needs and the availabilities of the nursery.

This type of care is particularly suitable for families with no strong organizational constraints wishing to have their child benefit from a collective environment.

We make sure to welcome the children at least once a week to allow them to keep their marks in the nursery.

 Emergency childcare

This type of care can be requested by families in case of an emergency, for instance, an unpredictable situation linked to a family or a professional event putting them in a complicated situation.

This type of care needs to be punctual and limited in time.