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The essentials of childcare in nurseries

  • We guarantee a warm welcome supervised by professionals who knows the early childhood field,
  • The most reliable childcare method and the least exposed to unforeseen events;
  • The company’s organization is governed by the regulations in force for early childhood facilities.

The advantages of a nursery in partnership with firms

  • Your employer made a reservation for you!… You are now sure to have access to a nursery and you can look forward to going back to work with your mind at peace!
  • In a multi-care nursery (nursery with more than 12 places) PSU, you have access to the least expensive form of childcare, for which you are billed the same as in public nurseries.
  • In a micro-crèche (nursery with 12 places), your employer’s reservation gives you access to a very privileged type of childcare and also guarantees an advantageous fee system that is identical or similar to that of the public nurseries.
  • A wide range of hours, adapted to the requirements of the professional life.
  • An operational principle aimed at finding the right solutions to help you balance your family and professional life.

An innovative educational project

  • The gentle practice of French-English bilingualism, a tool for awakening and a future asset for children with no experience of this second language,
  • The nursery’s affiliation with a program to carry the concerns of respect for cultural diversity and the environment of the foundation,
  • We pay attention to the quality of the relationship between the staff and the parents as well as to the layout of the premises so that the nursery becomes naturally another place where the child can feel at home.

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