The goals


The establishment of a partnership allows the firm to meet many objectives:

  • To propose an innovative and social policy that supports parenting and reinforces gender equality,
  • To reinforce the attractiveness of the firm and build employee loyalty,
  • To make it easier for employees who are parents to return to work and to avoid parental leave due to organizational difficulties,
  • To support employees who are expatriates by providing them with access to a bilingual facility,
  • To reduce absenteeism and tardiness due to lack of childcare,
  • To minimize transportation constraints for the employees.

The partnership makes it possible to set up a strong and innovative social policy at a limited cost by using the financial aid granted by the public authorities (Family Tax Credit/Childhood Youth Contract).

The bilingualism at Valentins & Valentines is a “additional feature” to reinforces the modern aspect by offering this type of childcare to all families.