The fee


– Valentins & Valentines nursery under PSU (a facility with more than 12 places):

This type of nursery is under agreement and pre-financed by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) and applies the same rate as the public nurseries.

  • The hourly rate, defined by the CAF, takes into account the level of income and the composition of the household (number of children, etc.),
  • The family pays a financial contribution according to the number of hours of childcare for their child and the hourly rate for which they are entitled. This cost can be estimated on the CAF simulator (check the link on the right).

– Valentins & Valentines micro-crèche (a facility with a capacity of 12 places):

This kind of facility offers an extremely privileged context of childcare, limited to 12 children, and its pricing is specific.

  • In this method of operation, the parents receive a monthly allowance from the CAF: it is called the “CMG”.
  • The CMG can finance up to 85% of the cost of the place (amounts defined on the page ” CMG ” of the CAF – check link on the right)
  • The nursery provides an estimate of the cost of childcare to the family before registration.

To conclude, the cost of childcare in a nursery is eligible for a tax credit equal to 50% of the annual cost of childcare up to a maximum of €2300/year (2021 ceiling).

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