The partnership


The firm guarantees to provide childcare solutions for its employees.

The firm books places (“cribs”) throughout a year and gives its employees access to a quality childcare facility that is particularly well suited to the balancing of their professional and family lives.

  • In the PSU nurseries, the parents bear the same cost as in a public nursery. In the micro-crèche, the partnership gives families access to a more advantageous rate than the normal rate.
  • Places can be used in a full-time or part-time arrangement: the same place can be occupied by several parents with different needs,
  • Any reserved place gives access to the “emergency childcare” service, which allows employees who do not usually have access to the nursery but whose regular childcare arrangements are temporarily unavailable.

The firm sets the rules for granting places according to its HR policy priorities.

  • The firm manages the application files or assigns this task to the nursery,
  • The slot “belongs” to the company: it remains at the company’s possession if an employee who benefits from it leaves the firm.

A solution that is flexible to deploy.

  • The partnership is set up as soon as the firm determines the needs, the childcare can start at any time during the year,
  • The firm books the number of places required with no restrictions on the minimum number,
  • The booking is based on a contract between the nursery and the firm, which can be freely adjusted at each anniversary date.

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